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Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit
| 27-07-2010, 14:13 | Section : Software » Graphics & Design » Posted: viisoft90 : 0

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Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit
Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit | 1.02Gb

about: Best-in-class software architectural design, which provides architectural designers to develop the project and technical documentation forms automatically.
Company Graphisoft - one of the world's largest developers and suppliers of software for Market Architectural Design (AEC - Architecture / Engineering / Construction). Evidence of success is the company many prestigious awards. Among them - "The Cup for the development of better software for architectural design", received in 1999 (1999 CADD Cup for Best Architectural CAD Software), «The prize for the revolutionary technology" was awarded to the International Economic Forum (World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Award) in 2000, the title winner in the category "Editor's Choice" that is assigned by the specialists of CADENCE Magazine's in 2001 for software ArchiCAD 7.0, and laboratory experts Cadalyst awarded the company 5 stars out of 5.
In the central office and branches Graphisoft has about 300 employees. Its flagship software product from ArchiCAD, which is distributed through a network of official distributors in 22 languages in 80 countries. This and other Graphisoft products are used in their work over 100000 architects, engineers, builders across the globe.
Headquartered Graphisoft R & D Rt. located in Budapest, Graphisoft Park - built in 1998, modern high-tech office park on the banks of the Danube. Here is one of the largest developers of subdivisions in the area of AEC, which combines the best programmers of the country.

The program ArchiCAD by Graphisoft company offers a new approach to architectural design: a time when you build a wall, place a ceiling, built-in windows and doors, building a roof, the program creates a single database of three-dimensional model of the building.
In the future, you can retrieve from the database any information you need: detailed drawings of floor plans, sections, facades, architectural and engineering drawings of parts and fragments, the estimated job specification windows, doors and decoration materials, animation and virtual reality scenes. You are creative activities, and ArchiCAD creates all the documentation on the project, ie assumes a boring and tedious work of drawing. The Ideology of the Virtual Building (Virtual Building) will allow you when you make any changes to the draft without losing any integrity or relevance of the documents.

In ArchiCAD 14 developing trend to increase productivity of architects in a single cycle of BIM-design and primary emphasis is on the integration process of architectural design with engineering professions. Quality architecture requires collaboration at all stages of design, and architects have often played a leading role in the coordination of all areas of design. ArchiCAD 14 with the help of IFC technology is transformed into a fully automated solution that is fully embedded in the process of collaborative design, combining with various highly specialized engineering CAD and settlement programs. This "open" approach to the joint work of designers of various trades significantly expands the design possibilities and provides a comprehensive transmission project (Integrated Project Delivery - IPD), speeding the design process and reduce errors when transferring data between different programs.

A brief overview of the package Graphisoft Archicad:

- Virtual Building.
All information about the architectural structure is stored in a single database. Changes to the project are displayed throughout the reporting documents: in the floor plans, sections, facades, estimated jobs, 3D-models and pictures.
- Intelligent objects.
Intelligent objects (doors, windows, columns, etc.) constantly interact with their environment. Through these objects the design process resembles the process of building: a window built into the wall, ceiling supported by columns, under the sloping roof constructed supporting structure. The effectiveness of the enhanced project management becomes easier, and you can concentrate not on the drawing, and directly to the design process.
- Ability to work directly in 3D.
You can study design and edit the model in three dimensions in real time to move on the future of the building, together with the customer to modify the project.
- Instant visualization.
Visualization tools are very easy to use. To obtain three-dimensional representation of the project ArchiCAD will not require you any special knowledge - just go to the 3D-window, and ArchiCAD otrisuet your project in the volume. In addition, means ArchiCAD is a snap to create a video scene of virtual reality.
- Document.
From the virtual model of the building ArchiCAD can automatically send subcontractors updated drawings of floor plans, sections, facades. Simply choose, to decide what to send - and all.
- Release documentation.
The program allows you to design and print the album of drawings. Automatic numbering, standard GOST `-native, customizable templates sheets will save you time and all changes to the Virtual Building are automatically transferred to the drawings and tables reporting.
- Technology Collaborative Design.
ArchiCAD allows you to organize a simultaneous joint work on the project as one of the architectural department (function TeamWork), and various departments in a major project offices. Documents distributed to departments in modern CAD formats (eg, very popular in Russia format DXF / DWG).

The main advantages of Graphisoft Archicad 14.0:

- Open the principles of interaction
For the organization of interdisciplinary collaboration in ArchiCAD 14 include support for technologies IFC, which allows you to set the modern relationship of architects and engineers, regardless of the name and version of the software. In general, technology is creating a universal bridge between BIM-solutions for architects, as well as for engineers. Built-in tools of control over design changes to help smooth and automate the process of harmonization with the development of joint BIM-model. And thanks to a revolutionary technology to work together within a single software (ArchiCAD Teamwork 2.0) a new version of ArchiCAD 14 displays the principles of modern design to a whole new level.
- Best-in-class BIM-Technology
ArchiCAD 14 provides improved at all stages of absolutely BIM design: advanced settings for the bulk of building designs, improved 3D-visualization, the development of 2D-drawing tools, more convenient and high-quality work with libraries and library elements, more intuitive user interaction with the program - all increase productivity and work quality. As a result, the new version offers a more convenient and rapid design tools, production of technical documentation and improved means of interaction with clients, consultants and other designers. As a result - ArchiCAD 14 is the world's best CAD solution, which implements the BIM technology for architects.

Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit
Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit
Graphisoft Archicad 14.0.0 R1 International 32bit

Meet new opportunities Graphisoft Archicad 14.0 can look video:

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